How to be ready for mobility?

Who doesn’t have a cellphone? I’m sure there aren’t many hands standing in the air. More and more devices of many kinds are now in the hands of the population. Many new ways to interact with our daily activities through technologies emerge. The question is no more should I do something, it is what can I do to follow this tendency?

We have to understand first what this new market is. For many company it’s a big paradigm shift since web sites developed in the past weren’t made to support the current reality. We have to change our way of thinking and addressing the problem. As Erik Renault mention in his conference at DevTeach, we have to think about the context before designing an application since capabilities, purpose and user experience won’t be the same in all cases.

For example in the context of a trip, with your cellphone you may want to find the closest restaurant or take pictures and tag them with the location where they were taken, while with your tablet you may want to read about the history of the city you’re visiting or write notes about your trip. Afterwards, with your desktop you may want to review your trip and present a diorama of the pictures taken with notes associated on your TV.

6 important concerns with mobility

  1. User experience: Conviviality strongly defines usage and success of your apps.
  2. Data: It creates knowledge and innovation
  3. Selling strategy: How will your apps be known and generate revenues?
  4. Context: In what situation will your apps be used?
  5. Added value: Consider your apps as blocks with specific purposes that enhance your business.
  6. Flexibility: Users like to personalize their apps and dashboards

Continue your education right away

Here’s my note’s summary of Erik Renault presentation at DevTeach:

Summary of Erik Renault presentation

Summary of Erik Renault presentation


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